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Nil foundation

ML Developer (Zero-knowledge Proofs)

в Nil foundation

4 000 —‍ 9 000 €/мес на руки

📍 Лимасол (Кипр)Помощь с переездом
B2 — Upper-IntermediateB2 — Upper-Intermediate

=Nil;Foundation develops data access mechanisms that facilitate insecure data transfer between public databases (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, others). This is done by combining zero-knowledge proof cryptography and a classic DBMS-like approach. Our primary customers are crypto exchanges and other businesses that have a large volume of crypto transactions. We allow them to save on infrastructure and maintenance costs, because our solution is significantly more efficient than what is possible with off-the-shelf components.




  • Conducting a large amount of theoretical research.
  • Collaborating with the development team to refine our products for integration with machine learning.
  • Investigating the potential implementation of machine learning in our products.
  • Working closely with the Crypto Research team.


  • Strong understanding of the mathematics, in particular finite fields.
  • 2–3 years of C++ experience is required.
  • Knowledge of cryptographic algorithms and primitives is a benefit.
  • Strong understanding of the mathematics, in particular finite fields.
  • Strong interest in development in ML, especially in the applications of machine learning in cryptography.
  • The language is English, so you’re supposed to be at least B2 level.


  • We pay well.
  • No corporate “bullshit” culture.
  • You are free to work remotely from the location of your choice, or in our office in Limassol.
  • We provide health insurance and pay for your hardware setup.
  • If you need it, we help with relocation.
Ольга Корсакевич IT Recruiter
Nil foundation

О компании Nil foundation

Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг
11 - 50

Nil foundation был создан для облегчения и улучшения проектов в области криптографии и баз данных с его командами и технологиями. Фонд поддерживает проекты (собственные и сторонние), предоставляя команды, экспертизу, технологии или финансирование. Nil foundation в партнерстве с P2P Validator способствовал запуску и развитию Free TON и Lido Finance, Filecoin Protocol и усовершенствований Chia Blockchain.

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